Elizabeth Connor has such a keen eye. She’s caught things my editor and proofreader have not, and she is so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her eyes on your work! Sarah M. Cradit

– Sarah M. Cradit, Self-Published Author of Paranormal Southern Gothic Fiction (February 2018)



I was introduced to Elizabeth when she’d posted an overall favorable comment on my website regarding my latest release, but criticized my tendency to dangle my participles. She volunteered to proofread some chapters in my (then) unpublished book, Family & Fortune. Elizabeth did such a great job, I asked her to give the first book in the series another shot at proofreading, as well as join the team of primary editors on my next new book, Coupled with Chance. I was grateful Elizabeth agreed and she did not disappoint. Rather, she added another dimension to the newly completed manuscript by providing many unique edits and pertinent feedback. After Elizabeth got her hands on them, all three of my books were better and tighter reads. Tracy Ellen Ink

– Tracy Ellen, Self-Published Author (January 2016)