Elizabeth was instrumental in the production of my latest book, “Schrodinger’s Gold.” Not only did she edit this book, but she also found and corrected multiple instances where the story became contrary. I have already asked Elizabeth to be my editor for several of my future manuscripts. I highly recommend her. Find Emory Moon on Goodreads. (August 2022)


Tracy Sumner_019 FR

Elizabeth is a fantastic editor! She not only caught errors I’d missed but discussed pacing and plot loopholes, too. She is responsive, the fastest editor I’ve ever worked with, and such a wordsmith. She’s a great partner in the self-publishing world, where it takes a village. I’d certainly recommend her to any author looking to build their team and find THEIR editor.  Tracy Sumner  Follow her at: Twitter: @sumnertrac; Instagram: tracysumnerromance; FB: tracysumnerauthor

Tracy Sumner, Award-winning author (January 2021)


Elizabeth is absolutely, hands down, the best, most effective editor I have had the pleasure of working with. She gets it… know what I mean? Working to deadline? No problem. Need her to track plot loopholes and flag them up and help you close them — yep! Using tech to almost instantly communicate with her via Google Docs during editing? You bet. All this, great feedback, and a sharp eye for catching those pesky spelling mistakes. Work with Elizabeth on your next manuscript; you are going to love her. Laxmi Hariharan

Laxmi Hariharan/L Steele, New York Times Bestselling Author (August 2019) Laxmi’s Books



Elizabeth has a sharp eye for detail and provides clear notes. I’d recommend her proofreading to any romance author! Zoe York

Zoe York/Ainsley Booth, USA Today and New York Times bestselling author (May 2018)


 Dormaine G-pic

Elizabeth wrote to me after reading my trilogy – The Connor Chronicles. She left amazing reviews and we began to chat shortly thereafter. I was pleased to discover that she was an editor because my editor had recently fallen ill. Elizabeth was easy to work with and was always professional. With her keen sense of knowledge and experience, she brought a whole other element to my story. An editor’s job is not an easy one and without sharp-minded individuals, such as Elizabeth, literature would not be as great as it is. Dormaine G  Follow Dormaine G on Bookbub Follow @dormaineg on Twitter

Dormaine G/Deanna Richmond, Published Author of Young Adult Urban Fantasy and Self Published Author of Supernatural Fantasy (May 2018)



Elizabeth Connor has such a keen eye. She’s caught things my editor and proofreader have not, and she is so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her eyes on your work! Sarah M. Cradit

Sarah M. Cradit, Self-Published Author of Paranormal Southern Gothic Fiction (February 2018)



I was introduced to Elizabeth when she’d posted an overall favorable comment on my website regarding my latest release but criticized my tendency to dangle my participles. She volunteered to proofread some chapters in my (then) unpublished book, Family & Fortune. Elizabeth did such a great job, I asked her to give the first book in the series another shot at proofreading, as well as join the team of primary editors on my next new book, Coupled with Chance. I was grateful Elizabeth agreed and she did not disappoint. Rather, she added another dimension to the newly completed manuscript by providing many unique edits and pertinent feedback. After Elizabeth got her hands on them, all three of my books were better and tighter reads. Tracy Ellen Ink

Tracy Ellen, Self-Published Author (January 2016)